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Originally Posted by MondoVman View Post
tl;dr Severely injured a guy 3 days ago at the gym

Posting here because Daily Celebrations is a hidden thread.

Misjudged that removing 75 lbs (a 45 and a 25 lb plate),
from one end of a 'shorty bar' (a 5 foot long, 25 lb bar)
would allow the bar to flip upward.

Unfortunately the equipment made a 2 inch x 1/2 inch scrape
on the guy's lower leg about 4 inches above his ankle.

Thank God the scrape was not deep enough to bleed;
pretty sure it was almost deep enough.

There are details in my defense, but ...
here's opportunity for haters to weigh in prior.

ETA: Off to the gym. May add those details upon return.
As long as you weren't curling in the squat rack it should be good
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