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Cat Mafia - Day 3

Compared with yesterday's evening news this morning is practically cheery. However, news of the loss of the Lovers has seemingly caused a crisis of conscience in one Spot.
You see, Spot is known for his level-headedness. It isn't so much that he disdains love, but rather he is able to dispel the sometimes rash and emotive excesses often accompanying the flood of pheromones associated with love chemistry. Now, absent Lovers and Hong Kong Phooey in the game, Spot feels his usefulness here is at an end.

gib was Spot, a Town Head-Clearer. Each night he could target a player to clear their head of any pheromones exuded from cat excrement that bound Lovers together in an eventual death-spiral.

But HEY, lookie! A box of 7 kittens!

Living Players:

Zeluvia is your Mayor.

This day is scheduled to end in 25ish hours.

"She swallowed the bird to catch the spider,
That wriggled and jiggled and tickled inside 'er." - MSG (of diva)
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