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Me next
NATIONALITY: Federal Republic of California (FROC)

STARTED PLAYING MAFIA (YEAR): Werewolf? You mean when was I bitten, or have I been bitten, like am I a werewolf virgin?

Look, that is a very personal question that I think is none of your business, you freak. I'm shy and you're trying to make it out like I'm some kind of monster or mobster or something. What if I'm a villager full of virtue and goodnes? Did you ever consider that, huh? I could be the main hope this village has. In fact I probably am. You should get your mind out of the gutter and show some respect. Does your momma know you go around asking girls those kind of questions?

HAVE PLAYED MAFIA ON THE FOLLOWING SITES: Hul, senpai. I have helped build and protect a lot of villages, including saving villages in 3 victorious MU championships, the last of which just got a little hairy is all, 'cause the village attacked my bf. That wasn't very nice.

You ask any of my disciples and they'll tell you I practically run the 1H and MR villages now, and I only hold back at 2+2 so their turbos will have some mystery and suspense.

I'll let my MR friends say what they want about me. I'M NEVER CHANGING.

We at MR have found Kami, if that's even her name, to be fiercely loyal and fierce in most other respects. She's a most helpful asset to the village, even if she has a tendency to latch onto a wolf early and squeeze it to death with her bare hands, even if it takes days. Though there was this one time a villager offered her a pulled pork sammich, and you never saw the kind of carnage that followed. Bacon and spiders are her triggers. You even try to post a spider avatar or make any display of bacon whatsoever and you're just inviting doom. You would NOT like her when she's angry. Best to just do whatever she asks until Animal Control arrives.

"She swallowed the bird to catch the spider,
That wriggled and jiggled and tickled inside 'er." - MSG (of diva)
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