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Ok here are the rules as I am used to playing. Please read through them and make sure this is a game you are interested in playing.

General Rules

No directly quoting the mod from your role message or any private interaction. (quoting my public posts are fine)
You may not discuss the game outside the game threads
Do not edit the content of your posts in a game thread.
You may ask a question publicly at any time, you may not get an answer
Failure to post during a day phase will lead to a modkill

Mafia Rules

Once we achieve our target number of players everyone will receive a role message from me that specifically describes your faction, role and any powers you might have.

Town and Mafia are the main factions but the game could include others

Mafias win condition is to have a majority over town votes.

Example: 3 mafia players exist and only 2 town players = mafia win

Towns win condition is to eliminate all of the mafia

Other factions or players may have secret win conditions.

You win if your faction wins regardless of your death unless your role says otherwise

Sequence of turns

Each turn is comprised of a day phase and a night phase

Day phase:

A deadline is set by the mod as well as any important information from the night before. Deaths are reported. Dead players roles and powers will be listed.

Players may vote to “lynch” (remove) a player from the game.

Your lynch vote must be in bold, it will not be counted otherwise, post as follows.. Edit: now using the V button

Example: ##vote captainvideo##
edit: you must ##unvote captainvideo## before voting for a new player

You must have a majority vote in order to achieve a lynch

Example: 10-11 players, 6 Lynch votes are needed, 8-9 players, 5 votes and so on

The last vote of the required number is known as “the hammer” (this could be important to some game mechanics)

Mafia players may communicate in their private forum

The day ends the moment a lynch vote is reached or the deadline has been reached

If a majority lynch has not been achieved by the deadline nobody is removed from the game.

Night Phase

You may not communicate in the main threads during the night.

All players may PM their night action to the Mod by the posted deadline.

It is assumed that you are not performing an action if I do not get a PM by the deadline. If you have the option of targeting someone please PM me if you are choosing not to take the action.

Mafia players may communicate in their private forum

One Mafia player may perform a night kill in place of any other powers assigned by the mod

If other factions exist they may also have night kill abilities as may town

Some tips for this game

Players may have Roles/Powers that break some of the above rules. It will be up to you to decide if you believe them or not

It is common for most players if not all players to have some kind of night power or day ability in a role madness game.

Some players may target themselves, if you can do this it will say so in your role message.

Other voting options:

Also posted in bold. These are at players option and are often argued about but available if you want to use them

NoLynch: A majority vote of NoLynch means the players want to move to the night phase without waiting for the deadline or lynching a player.
Example: Vote:NoLynch

Pressure: A warning vote that is not counted by the mod. It is used to warn or extort a player.
Example pressure:captainvideo for his PC (power)

The idea is that CaptainVideo will be lynched if he does not give the information requested or some good reason not to move forward with a lynch. If a majority of pressures are reached players often vote to lynch immediately.

Thats just about everything without giving away any specifics to Oceans 11.

As far as the timezone problem I am used to dealing with games across the globe including everywhere mentioned. My solution is to stretch time rather than use strict hours. Deadlines are usually set to 23:00 my time (eastern US) on day one then move to a far away zone and then bounce around the globe giving all players a shot at 23:00 in their zone or close to it. Deadlines are set at a mods discretion and may not all have the same length.

I would think its difficult to get 6 mafia players to agree and vote for something in 24 hours especially with the unusual amount of data that can be acquired at night.

That said, I hate waiting for players to send me targets at night and I hate it when scum use stall tactics to wait out a long day. I really like your faster play style but would like some kind of compromise. I still feel like a guest in your house and will rebuild the game if a majority are unhappy with this rule set.

edited to include V button which is brilliant
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