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Read my posts with the following stupid accent: IN MY HEAD (MOSTLY)
Charlou claims to have jailed Spruce, and yet Spruce was killed?

Does strong man scum break through a Jailer and kill the target?

Isn't it more likely the bus driver swapped spruce for someone else? Or the Charlou is lying, BUT why the fuck would scum who has just killed someone claim they also protected them? All she would have to do is claim to have protected someone else?

We already have one confirmed Town backup and Jerome turns up after being virtually not here for days and claims he is now the cop and PH is scum.

Spruce turns out not to be what he claimed to be. Can't be scum cause he was a scum kill, must be a type of Indie

What does that make his translator?

And what about the hints that there is a backup translator?
That would imply that to Backup Roles is not unrealistic.
Are both back up roles Town orientated?

Jerome could be backup but scum.
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