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Originally Posted by divagreen View Post
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Yeah, I have a very bad taste in my mouth over how we've been disparaged every time we've thrown our hat into the ring.
I'm sure diva may differ with me, but last year I went out of my way to get participation from 8 different communities, only to have CFB backout and force my substitution. Then I lost that first game 'cause one of the players didn't bother to read before posting the last day. Still, they advanced me to a consolation game with diva where the player who lost (where diva won) was advanced instead of her by blatant cheating that the mods agreed was cheating but did nothing about other than rewarding the cheater.
I'm done with MU and especially rounding up players for them from other sites, including diva from TR.
I hope she does well again this year though.
I really can't blame you grit, and I certainly understand and respect your feelings. I never heard that the mods agreed that what dgln was angleshooting but I certainly wld not be surprised if some the mods felt that way but got outvoted or something. they have since clarified the angleshooting rule so that the rules can be applied more specifically? still reads as a bit ambiguous to me but at least they are taking steps to clear things up.

there are going to be some changes from what I understand? I think the rules of the site are likely gonna be enforced a bit more since there seems to be a bit more cohesion. I think the wording for the criteria is gonna change again, and I think dischord will tone it down as far as some pple trying to influence the outcome of the votes. and I certainly hope that there won't be any disparaging comments that are vote impacting just so pple's friends can advance will be closely monitored. at least I hope so.

if you don't feel comfortable sending some1 I understand and will relay the reasons. I just hope you will reconsider in light of the changes.

whatever you decide you know you have my support grit
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