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um... Colin has shot longhair dead.
Let's all pause for a moment to recover from the violence inherent in the system. Colin evidently comes to us from a violent place where shooting is commonplace.

Congratz Town and all players. So many of you played an excellent game.

longhair was Tony Soprano, Mafia Godfather / 1-shot Strongman / Doctor. As Godfather he was immune from investigation, viewing as “innocent”. As Strongman, if he performed the Mafia Nightkill it could not be blocked by any means but Commuting, not by Doctor or Bulletproof, or Roleblocker. As Doctor he could target any player to protect them from a single targeted kill.

Magicziggy was Bugs Bugsy, Town 2-shot Shake-down Mark – In the event of being the target of a single kill (either by lynch or otherwise), he had the option of paying to save himself (a conditional 2-shot Death-proof) – Payment to the Mafia would take the form of enhacing an unknown Mafia ability. Payment otherwise may enhance the ability of whoever targeted him.

sparking (diva & Colin) was The RodFather, Town Even-Day Vigilante / Odd-Night Doc.

The Mafia:
password: dance

password: holes

Night 1 moves:
Majiffy to view Mz - “innocent”
longhair to kill OP8 - dies
borealis to bulletproof – not targeted
Mantis to self-tailor – not viewed
sparking to doc Mz – not targeted for kill
charlou to view borealis - “innocent”

Night 2 moves
charlou views sparking, “innocent”
sparking trying to vig bor out of appropriate time slot – allowed but fails, since borealis was bulletproofed Day2.
longhair to kill borealis Night 2 – her N1-D2 bulletproof has passed, so she dies.
Majiffy views longhair, “innocent”.

Night 3 moves:
longhair to kill charlou - dies.
sparking to self-protect
charlou investigates longhair57, “innocent”

"She swallowed the bird to catch the spider,
That wriggled and jiggled and tickled inside 'er." - MSG (of diva)
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I smell the STANK OF DEF!
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