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Originally Posted by Mantisdreamz View Post

The other day it was 52% humidity.
Bless your heart.

The bedroom stays consistent at 32 degrees (90 degrees F), and the house is at 30 degrees (86F), while Liv's bedroom is at 28 C (82.4).
That's unbearable. You definitely need A/C.

Last night I ordered a portable a/c unit for the bedroom. Most were out of stock, but I managed to find one online that said they could deliver between July 11-13. But then after ordering, it said due to delivery demands, there's a possibility it would be late. I'm obviously expecting it maybe mid week next week, or even a bit later.
Where do you live? You don't have a local hardware store that has them in stock? Window units are not hard to install, just make sure your electrical circuit can handle it.

We've been sleeping in the basement where it is probably a 26-27 degree temperature.
Good plan. Though that seems a bit warm for a basement in my experience.
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