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Down here, everyone has central AC.

Drying your sweat doesn't really help cool you that much, because it's the evaporation of sweat that pulls heat off your skin and cools the body. Fans can help with the evaporation, but the higher the humidity the worse it gets.

Timewave had a good suggestion, a cold pack of frozen peas to the back of the neck helps. So does being as naked as possible.

PH is right, where he lives, after the sun goes down, the moisture in the air increases. The sun actually helps burn the moisture out of the air.

It's 5:30 am here, and its 78 degrees with 88% humidity. I do have the windows open, I open them about 3 am. It's sticky and yucky but I am drinking ice water : ) I will have to close the windows by 9:00 am and turn on the AC.

May I suggest these for you and the kids?

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