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Yesterday was another heat wave, and I read on the weather network, that it was going to carry on for the whole week, up until Saturday, with chance of thunderstorm each day.

So, I went out and bought a dehumidifier yesterday. They had a whole shipment at Canadian Tire.

When going upstairs, at the house, the air felt and also smelled like a swamp. It actually smelled like river water inside the house. We are near a river.

After buying it, the instructions said that after moving it upright and into place, it needs to sit there for 24 hours before turning the unit on. Weird. So, it was no use as of yesterday.

Today is not as muggy, so we moved it to the basement and the air is better there now.

I figured I'd get this over a portable a/c because its movable. The garage and bathroom in the garage needs it. There's a slight mildewy smell.

Hopefully this will help the upstairs area when it gets that soupy swamp feel, though.
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