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Read my posts with the following stupid accent: Minnesota
just got this pm

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Originally Posted by aplus152648
from: aplus152648
Title: Ch?*o b?n ffejrxx

?a ph?n m?i ng??i ban ??u mu?n tham gia b? môn cá c??c tr?c tuy?n th??ng tìm ??c cách n?p ti?n v?*o A+Bet sau ?ó m?i ti?n ??n vi?c tìm hi?u cách cá c??c trên A+Bet. Khi ng??i ch?i ?ã hi?u rõ m?i quy lu??*t v?* mu?n tr?i nghi?m ??t c??c online cho CLB yêu th?*ch. Ng??i ch?i có th? thi?t l??*p t?*i kho?n b?ng link v?*o A+Bet sau ?ó l?*m quen v?i giao di?n sau ?ó n?p ti?n v?*o t?*i kho?n ?ã t?o v?* cá c??c cho ??i bóng hâm m?.
is anyone able to translate this for me?
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...these people are idiots.
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