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France is building a fusion reactor.

Google has a working prototype of a quantum computer.

Japan addressed it's labor shortage with robots.

The Covid-pandemic has proven a few things:

1. The majority of the people in the first world aren't engaged in really productive labor. They spend a lot of time entertaining each other.

2. The most productive and necessary people are paid the least.

3. We aren't in a capitalist competitive economic system, as shown by the disconnect between the stock market and the reality of the economic situation for most people.
Start watching "How It's Made", then ask yourself "How was that made?"

You're a modern day anti-Luddite Luddite, aren't you?

I hereby name you PAM for your pissing and moaning about the greatest species on earth. /troll

Have you seen what man can do with corn? Corn is king due to technology

I wasn't bothered by these things, or pissing and moaning about them.

I was thinking about how the trajectory of these different things will change the future.

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