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Mondo, Adam Smith envisioned a time when shortages would disappear. At that point, he theorized that supply and demand would no longer be the drivers behind pricing. He envisioned a steady state economy. My point is not that capitalism is or was bad, it's that it is changing because we are in a post-shortage world. Capitalism isn't a fucking religion, no matter what you have been taught, its a theory that provides tools.

Adam also wrote that labor costs would be driven by the starvation of excess labor, which would then increase wages for the remaining workers. But we fail to let labor starve, now don't we?

Marx envisioned a world where work would no longer be necessary, and automation would replace it.

Both things are happening. Both models are collapsing, as their authors predicted they would.

200 year old social/economic theories are just that, 200 years old.


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