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The real problem behind all these platforms is monetization of personal information, and the slow death of advertising.

Advertising isn't dead yet, but it is dying. Television was it's heyday. Studies have shown that internet advertising is not nearly as effective as Television was. It has also been shown that younger generations build up an immunity to traditional advertising, hence the growth of "influencers" where it is the personality of the person that uses the product that is important, not the attributes of the product itself.

It is nearly impossible for an advertiser to reach me for example. I don't use social platforms, I don't pay attention to ads on youtube, I don't watch regular TV. I block most internet advertising, and avoid click bait. I have excellent email spam filters.

In fact, old fashioned mailed circulars are the one form of advertising I actually may peruse in the short walk between my mail box and the garbage bin.

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