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You aren't far off. The benefits of tenant farming though were better than coal mining and factory work. Even though it was hard physical labor, there were breaks, down time, and it wasn't as hard over time or as dangerous. Tenant farmers didn't get paid, unless they were allowed to sell their excess. Instead, they had to pay the landowner.

There is a great story I read once, about the Moscow Ribbon Company. A serf used to make ribbon in her spare time. She sold the ribbons secretly, to make enough money to buy her and her husband's freedom from their Lord. The Lord was very upset when he found out, but he needed the cash, so he took the deal. He even agreed to help them start a company in Moscow, by talking to his peers about investing. They did invest, and the couple started the company, and employed many people, mostly young women. Unfortunately, this was about 1916, so the Revolution did the company in.

I think we can fix the problems. I am not adverse to some draconian things. China's one child policy doesn't bother me, in the abstract. The fact that the people were stupid enough to only want sons was not the fault of the policy, it was the fault of failure to adapt and clinging to tradition. I think that some kind of license should be required to have children, or face penalties. The license should represent completion of basic education courses. It could be retroactive, to a certain time frame.

Another thing that doesn't bother me is Israel's mandatory service for young people. I think that is a great idea. I don't think it should have to be military service though, and I think it should go from about age 16 to age 23, with college starting at age 24.

I also think first grade should start much earlier, and second languages should be required.

And I think switching to plant based diets is a recipe to increase overall stupidity.

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