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Read my posts with the following stupid accent: 'Murica
Reflections on life: My dad always had a great job with a major company that provided benefits. He never climbed the ranks to upper managemnt but he was a successful engineer throughout his career. My parents were stingy with money on luxuries but we always had a decent house and food in the fridge (and that's why they were able to pay off their hosue and have a good retirement).

I remember one of my dad's co-workers not being terribly concerned about being laid-off. He was either divorced or a bachelor and said "I'll go do construction if I need to"

I remember when I was in my teens and working at McDonald's that one of the assistant managers abrubtly quit and turned in his uniform. He got hired on at Boeing (or some other big engineering firm) and quit what had been his shitty short term job to the surprise of management.

I always envisioned my career following my dad's path, not these other people. I am these other people.
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