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^I'd say I'm one of those other people too. I spent all of my 20's not caring, and early 30's. I always had work and I fell back on serving or bartending jobs that provided enough, financially. But those jobs aren't really sustainable at an older age. I never finished my university degree because I didnt care enough at the time.. or was distracted. And I always had jobs that were good enough.

It would be nice to once and for all specialize in something.

Maybe for yourself, you could fo some online certificates to add to your already existing credentials.. which, I feel like should be good enough to get you a good job. One where you don't have to be on the bottom. You're a very smart person, and I think you deserve more.

Anyway, maybe more certificates might help in getting hired because it will show that you're still willing to learn.

But you seem like a hard worker too and care about your work.

I was thinking, in the future, if I were to go to an interview, I would especially focus on the fact that I'm a hard worker.. which is true. If you show how much you believe in yourself about a particular position, and how much you think you could do better than others, people will see that.

But, if you are applying for a position that you're not fully interested in, then that will show too.
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