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Read my posts with the following stupid accent: Loadsamoney
This is random. Did I tell you about my bin? As in garbage bin. I know I need to write in many dialects here.

Anyway, my bin.. It's the blue bin actually. Thats for all the household rubbish that can't go in the yellow recycle bin or green garden waste bin. So I have three bins. I only use two as there is no garden here .. Although curiously I do have a green bin . It's taken me about a month to half fill the yellow bin. But I digress.. The blue bin.

There are ten flats/ units/ apartments in my block. It's a normal sized block so you can imagine that bin collection day is a bit of a free for all to get the things lined up on the side if the road so they can be emptied. Actually the green and yellows are alternate weeks. The blue is every week.

So some fucker has been putting their rubbish / garbage/ trash in my bin. And it gets full by about Tuesday and bin collection is on Monday. First I thought I had id'd the culprit. Single white female with purple bin bags. I saw her taking them out and then lo and behold my bin is overflowing with purple bin bags. Then the bin is mysteriously put out for me on Sunday night but by Wednesday still hasn't been brought in. In fact its lying forlornly on its side on the pavement/ sidewalk. So I bring it in. Three hours later it's got more bags in it. White ones this time. And some trashed mail. Aha.. A lead .. Hmmm flat 6.. Indian couple.. Not much of a lead.. I often dump junk mail in the nearest available bin. Not quite the same as the volume my bin is being subjected to.

I'm thinking of a sting operation. Or retaliation. Defintitely going to spray paint a skull on the lid. These people are nuts.
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