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Jiffy, rach, sparky.

Anyone outside that list has me beaten. Well done.

Enso and op8 you are both on my town list. Consider that. I'm interested in your three suspects, knowing that you suspect each other.

I hope Mantis claims jailer. And credit enso for not giving up he was jailed before.

##vote jiffy/corke##
I've got enso and jiffy in scum pile, rache should be the jailer because I don't see jiffy jailing enso after emphasizing how towny he is. I'm sus of gonzo because he survived two wagons that ended killing town, the first of which was tied by mantis a few minutes left in d1 and then hammered by jiffy, so I have mantis over you and sparking because even though you suggested the Jerome lynch, I don't see a scum going for an easy Jerome d1 when Jerome as acting like an ass
no op, usually as town you are more certain and precise. None of this, this person here, this other person one level above, this person below, etc.
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