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well, okay.

My toilet flapper quit sealing right so the toilet was running. I went and bought a new one. The new one said I had to scrub the tank and treat it with alcohol so the bottom would seal well. Somewhere in that process I banged my elbow on the side of the tank, and the Tank Cracked. So I tried to seal the crack up with silicone seal.

Meanwhile, I am using a bucket to flush the toilet. Ex says he will replace the whole toilet "someday".

Then the elbow under the sink in the kitchen started leaking. I was washing dishes when my feet got wet. Anyway, ended up replacing all the plumbing under the sink, only hit my head 5 or 6 times and my knees have Almost Forgiven me.

A year or so ago a Turkey vulture vomited on my truck. I cleaned it up but the clear coat was shot. The clear coat had already been peeling. I took it to a friend and he said it wasn't worth trying to buff it out, the truck was badly Sunburnt and really needed repainting. Now the roof is getting rust spots.

Dude. Life is like that.

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