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I thought I had one of these threads already, but maybe not.

Mostly I get my cat in before dark, but it is still, mild and damp out so he decided to be a bugger and not come in until after dark, which means I was out ten times yelling like a fool in the backyard.

But being out there after dark with the porch light on offers some bonuses.

There was cute bunny out there cashing in on clover for the first while. He only left when I got about three metres away.

We have cicadas in September, they were calling, that was nice. Also a confused fall peeper, those frogs are supposed to call in spring but the shortening of day now mixes a few of them up, you can almost hear his friends whispering "Shut up, Lennie, no girls will come, geeze!"

There are hundreds of orb weavers around right now. One of them is by the side door and I haven't opened it in days because she is a huge spider and has a really gorgeous dramatic web there.

But the these orb weaver webs I saw tonight were fantastic. I would have missed them, or walked face first into them if the cat hadn't finally showed up in hot pursuit of a very small deer mouse. I hate when he catches deer mice because they are exceptionally adorable, like this:

so I am trying to catch the cat, who is chasing this mouse around a dwarf cedar, and I see, lit up by the porch light, this fantastic triple play by one or more spiders. There's about 40 cm between the top of the cedar and the nearest spruce branches hanging over the lawn. The spider(s) had rigged three webs, anchored only on one side of the two outer webs, the centre web was only anchored to the other two, mostly from one long line from cedar to tree with a bunch of guy wires fastened to the other two.

Besides looking stunning, all lit up with dew, I can't imagine how they engineered the whole thing.
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