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Originally Posted by Zeluvia View Post

That is hardly what I said. I said it's a social and educational issue that still needs work.

When you don't know how to do something, you can hardly CHOOSE to do it.
OK, let me try again.

Do you think the HUGE differences shown in sport when looking at mens vs womens performance is a difference which will show in earnings/work performance across the same groups?

In other words, are these sports differences real enough to make a difference in statistical income?

Individually I don't think so, but as groups...well, men are outpacing women at just about everything they do, as far as strength, speed and endurance. It only stands to reason that (aside from those other differences you mentioned) this would carry over into other areas of competition, like capitalism.

Of course women are making different choices around career, which will also have an effect. I hope we don't (as a society) make the correction so they can work more...I hope it goes the other way so more of us can work less, but that isn't really relevant at all to the main question.

Maybe it's clearer to ask this way...With men being stronger, faster, and capable of greater endurance, why would you think that they should show parity earning-wise?
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