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decent summary of Australian Labor politics past and present; whether you agree with the future directions parts is up to you

Australian Labor has shifted away from the worst excesses of neoliberalism that it once defended and put forward the most economically progressive platform it has in some time, one that addresses inequality, includes a commitment for 50 percent of energy from renewable sources by 2030, and rejects corporate tax cuts. However, it is not seeking the kind of radical transformation beyond a low-tax social-democratic model that British Labour has pursued. It has a handful of egalitarian tax proposals — limiting tax deductions for rental losses to new investment properties, halving the capital gains tax discount, taxing private trusts as companies, reducing superannuation tax concessions on wealthy Australians— but these measures are balanced by commitments to maintain budget surpluses at 1 percent of GDP, increase funding for private and religious schools, support the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, outbid the conservative Coalition on income-tax cuts, and maintain most of elements of the hard-line approach to refugees that “inspired” Matteo Salvini.
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