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i have this on and off thing about meat eating and morality
I can't come at the moral argument about poor sentient beings deserving of life etc. because most of the animals we eat for meat would never have been born except we bred them to eat.

I also have no qualms about eating feral animals that don't belong in our environment, and I'm also OK with kangaroo because they are far from being endangered and in fact are probably present in the Australian environment in far greater numbers than in pre-European times because of the provision of permanent water in the Outback.

There is a valid argument about the ecological footprint of farming meat as opposed to farming plant-based foods though.

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your standpoint on not seperating which animals we eat because emotional ties seems far superior in mind than the opposite.

i am a meat eater and have been all my life

i dont really support your argument about "we breed them so then we can consume them", if anything i have a problem with the meat factories. free roaming stuff from small farms that have lived a better life is easier for me to swallow.
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