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Read my posts with the following stupid accent: Canada
That's very extreme. I'd been thinking if it wasn't very severe the beak could be shortened or reshaped a little. But then, animals can surprise us by managing with quite severe difficulties. poor thing.

I'm feeling a bit depressed about a beaver family this evening. There's been some trees taken by beavers over at a small lake (not the one I live on, but nearby) and someone's already trapped two of them, maybe to move but more likely to kill, because of complaints about the trees. I just hate it. People just won't bother to protect their trees, which can be done by painting the bottoms with a mixture of paint and coarse sand. Instead they immediately want the beavers out of there.

Beavers mate for life, but if one mate dies, the other one will find another mate. Beavers mate when they are about three years old. Mating season runs from January and March in cold regions and in late November or December in the south. Gestation lasts about three months, and females have one litter of kits a year between April and June. Before birth, the female makes a soft bed in the lodge. The babies' eyes are open when they are born. They can swim within 24 hours of birth and will be exploring outside the lodge with their parents within a few days. Young beavers are weaned in about two weeks. Both the male and the female take care of the young beavers. They stay with their parents for two years. Beavers can live to be 20 years old.
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