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There are a whole lot of beavers, so they aren't in need of a lot of protection. Technically, you're supposed to call Natural Resources who will determine if the beavers need moving and if it's feasible to put them somewhere else, but in reality a lot of people just take matters into their own hands and trap or kill them.

And the truth is, in some situations beavers can absolutely destroy a human environment. They can build huge long dams, like this one in Alberta that can be viewed by satellites. It's 850 metres long and growing.

Which is no problem in Wood Buffalo park, but when a family of beavers dams off a stream and floods the local community, they really do need to be interfered with, if only by breaking up their dams.

But in most cases, they're just bringing down some species of hardwood trees to harvest the branches for the under-bark they eat.
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