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Originally Posted by Anonymous View Post
I think it's the eye thingie.

And, I liked the woman on the beach quite a bit, too.
Yes, I liked that one as well.

One thing that bothers me about a lot of these pics is that I cannot tell how much of it is photoshoppery. There are good effects that can be managed with photoshop, but eventually it begins to feel overmanipulated and trite.

I also find quite a few of them to be gimmicky, like all the pretty play with placement of the moon, for example. Yes, they are kind of neat, but to me they aren't great photos.

A great photo (imv) would be one where the photographer's eye is not so distanced from the final product.

Not one of that fifty would end up on my wall. Several of the pics shown right on MR by George, Dionysus, and the others would be welcome because they are worth looking at every day, not just once.
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