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For those of you who do not know about where I live, the principles of mob hierarchy are king. They are the bread and butter everyone eats. People plug themselves into society, choosing the most well-connected partners to shack up with, forming little networks to further their agendas.

Until now, I had tried to blend in, but I cannot be moulded by my surroundings. I have had enough and I am heading out to Spain, where I know I can find a more balanced society.

Can I do it? I know I can. I would rather be somewhere else and I will be soon. I will be happier elsewhere. I will finally be able to relate to a part of the world I have been to and feel I can do better in.

Kindness has its price here, or you need to take a step back and integrate with the people who want their children to take a step foreward. I have taken my step foreward and I would not want to take one back.

Of course, anyone here can make a decent living, or at least a comfortable one. Just find the right partner, who is willing to treat life here like a body shop and you can be set up for life. I know people who have done this, but I could never do it, as I lived a very independent life. I never had to rely on partners for anything or to make me feel more at home.

Family is one thing, but the choice of where we live and who we relate to is something we have to make for ourselves. I am not going to live in a ghetto, a clique, a cresh, because I was never raised in one and I am too old to begin to learn how to live in any of those settings now.

Finally, I will find myself in a mental place where I can be at peace and not have to worry about people forming little circles in which you have once chance to cross its members and then one of them, or all of them, depending on the situation, will cast you out, exploding like the proverbial land mine I mentioned earlier.

Look at the first letter of the first word of each of my paragraphs and you will see in a nutshell what I am going to do shortly. To make it easier for you to understand, I have highlighted them Read vertically and you will see them.
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