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It won't freeze right away, at least. Toasty warm this morning (10 C). Freezing temperatures are forecast for tonight after midnight, but of course most of that rain will have flowed down the drains and/or disappeared into the ground before then.
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^ if that then freezes, that is a lot of ice to be under.
Around here, the worst events for ice are the times we get snow followed by rain followed by a quick freeze -- if the rain is just enough to get the snow all slushy without really reducing its volume by much.

February of 2015, we had something like four storms of that type all in a row. It really was a lot of ice. And then in March we got an extra metre of snow on top of all that. I seem to recall that I was whining here on MR about it, whining so badly that it was a bit embarrassing.

True "freezing rain" does happen here sometimes. (It sucks.) But IIUC that kind of thing is more frequent and more severe out in QC & ON.
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