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Cat Mafia - Day 5

Ahhhh, OK, Day 5, as the MR Cat Town poop has really piled up. One of your number, a particularly astute denizen of investigatory elegance and birthing skill, while wading through it last night was unfortunately struck by oncoming traffic sliding through the dung of it. It's the saddest thing really. If only that pesky direwolf hadn't godkilled our doc. Nonetheless, Paddles has been hospitalised and there's every hope she will recover from such blatant MR Cat Town defecation.

MR Cats have pitched in for a lovely poop-free get-well statuary.

Mantisdreamz was Paddles, First Cat of New Zealand, the real-life now demised cat of New Zealand's Prime Minister, the Honourable Jacinda Ardern.

She was a Town Cop. A very Sane Town Cop.

Live Players:


Zeluvia is your Mayor.

This day is scheduled to end in 24 hours. Once again, FINAL voting is allowed, but there's no rush.

"She swallowed the bird to catch the spider,
That wriggled and jiggled and tickled inside 'er." - MSG (of diva)
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