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I think a large part of the appeal is the way B&W approaches simplicity.

I remember when 3d movies became a fad again (few years ago) I read a bit which pointed out that, though we have had 3d mediums for years (sculpture), there has been a vast preference for 2d (paintings).

When you strip off the colour, you simplify an image which, to me, makes it easier to take in. Go a step further down that path, and you have gesture drawing, which, in a few seemingly hurried lines, can convey almost as much.

Or the effect Dan Dennett describes in this video (at about 11:00) where a painting can trick you into seeing much detail which isn't there.

Finally, my own shot. This is a friend of mine who runs beautifully. I think simplifying this by removing the colour added much to the shot.
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