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Originally Posted by charlou View Post
Thoughtful response to my ponderings .. and in general I agree .. and with cunt's thoughts too .. though we may not always agree on which images look better in which format.
Glad you don't agree as then there's nothing further to learn
I like the cobblestone courtyard in colour, for example .. but that may also be due to the added interest of the activity going on within the scene.
Guess I was forgetting the uber-rule which is of course that there are no rules. Since I'm very familiar with the place it's tempting to think that my optical manglings contain more interest than a more everyday shot. I presume you have never been there and so I can now absolutely see why you may find the colour shot more interesting.

The colour was with a 28 mm lens and the b&w with a 20 mm and lower perspective. Also I waited for some time before getting the scene devoid of people, carts, dogs and stuff. All of which gives a very stark air indeed!

Here's a second one from pretty much the same spot but swung through 180 to point up-market and there are a few very typically Dutch bods in action there

Thanks for feedback.
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