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Old 21st December 2013, 06:43 PM   #130725  /  #1
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Can't find site

So I can't navigate to this site from my laptop. I did a hosts edit, and it worked for awhile, then it didn't.
Now it is again.
I am tempted to blame it on w8, but that sounds suspiciously like getting old and hating change.

Or that every other version of windows is frighteningly sucky.
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Old 21st December 2013, 06:58 PM   #130727  /  #2
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You're aware we've had a problem for several weeks? it's much better now but sometimes we still can't find mindromp. Check the techie forum.
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Old 21st December 2013, 09:15 PM   #130728  /  #3
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Anyone besides me think it correlates, not just coincides, with initiating the cycling of Featured Art on the main page?

ETA: Cunt, I've been 98+% successful at indirectly gaining full access to MindRomp by "directly" accessing any MindRomp page other than the main page via Chrome history links and running on MS Vista.

ETA2: (Didn't want to start a Techy thread on this)
Logged out and came back (to the main page) as a Guest as a quicky experiment, and had no problems.

Also, logged in as either Guest or myself, the main page Featured Art pic (now) changes EVERY time I NEWLY ARRIVE or REFRESH that page. Odd.
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