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Meanwhile, in the Middle East

We all know that the Saudi's took out a journalist who was critical of Saudi Arabia. Well that just proves who on the right side of the Saudi/Qatar mess.

You also should know that Saudi Arabia is the home of Wahhabism, an extreme interpretation of Islam, which has been supported by the royal family for over 150 years. Wahhabism famously gave rise to Osama and Al'quiyda and ISIS, it's hard line conservatism detests all other Muslims, especially Shia (Iran, 400 year old conflict). Saudi Arabia spends a lot of money supporting mandrassas all over the world, in the US, Britian, and Pakistan.

So, the Arab Spring happens, and there is a problem in Egypt and other North African countries. The Muslim Brotherhood dislikes Wahhabism, and Saudi Arabia, A LOT, but the Saudi's don't want the Muslim Brotherhood on their doorstep in Egypt, so they spend a lot of money there stopping them.

And along comes Qatar, with their news network, Al Jazeera. During the Arab Spring, Al Jazeera pisses off many people, including Bahrain (royal family related to Saudi's) and Saudi Arabia, because Al Jazeera is critical of hardliners. Qatar is also friends with the Shia'a, (Iran) and the Muslim Brotherhood, who sought to make peace between Sunni and Shia'a, in direct opposition to the philosophy of the hard line Wahhabi's.

Let us not forget that Osama, and his family, are Saudi. Or that the people that flew the planes into the towers were Saudi.

And what does Saudi Arabia do? They get in a hissy fit over Al Jazeera's reporting and accuse Qatar of supporting TERRORISM. Yes, Qatar does allow Iran to have an embassy there, and yes, the Muslim Brotherhood has offices there. So does Hamas. But we have a bit of a pot/kettle situation don't we? And Saudi Arabia convinces all it's satellites (Bahrain, Egypt) to join it in condemning Qatar.

And the first article of the Saudi's Demands to Qatar? Shut down Al Jazeera.

Meanwhile, Qatar remains defiant, Al Jazeera is still reporting and the Saudi's have gone literally nuclear, nuclear waste that is.

PS Al Jazeera had the most even handed reporting of the Island event : )

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