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Old 10th June 2019, 08:01 PM   #448616  /  #3301
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Originally Posted by borealis View Post
Meh. Canada is still too cold and too far away for mass migrations. And if climate change drives people here out of desperation, let them come. Serve us right, considering.
So the rising murder rate in Ottawa, following a bunch of immigration recently, isn't suggestive of anything? Do we deserve it, considering?

I've seen LOTS of immigration increases lately, and know that more will be coming. The UN will send migrants along to whichever country has the 'turn', and as far as being 'too far away', air travel has made the world quite a bit smaller.

The best approach I've heard of is to love immigrants, in small and large ways. Get them into the community, get them friends, clubs and other great Canadian stuff to enjoy, and treat them well.

I also recognize that if someone comes here from a war-torn country, their ethics might be reflected in the desperation they fled. It's easy to say you are a fuck if you assault me, but if you were used to a different world, where violence is much more common, I might use a more nuanced approach. It isn't just soldiers who get shell-shocked.
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Old 10th June 2019, 10:37 PM   #448622  /  #3302
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Originally Posted by Brother Daniel View Post
can someone give me a (tl;dr) short version of what the hell is going on wrt replacing May?

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I see.
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