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Science and Information Technology "Hello World"

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Originally Posted by borealis View Post
Originally Posted by RAFH View Post
Originally Posted by borealis View Post
Good one, but no.
Could it have been "She"? That's the only thing I could find regarding an Ice Queen from before 1960. And in the end she enters the sacred flame and loses her immortality and rapidly grows old and disintegrates.
No. I'm familiar with that movie. I've searched Wikipedia's sci-fi movies from the 40s and 50s and can't find it. I suppose it's possible it was a TV drama, but I don't think Twilight Zone or Outer Limits had even begun then. It would have been no later than 1959, as we moved to our own house by 1960.

The surviving men had a fan in front of a fire pointing at her and she collapsed and melted to death.
I didn't think it was, "She" was a movie based upon the Haggard novel series of the same name. Basically sort of a lost kingdom, Shangrila style, flaming fountain of fire which bestows immortality. hot young queen who is really old but has used the fountain to stay alive for a very long time. In the end, she reenters the fountain to convince her new lover it's safe but doing so undoes the effect and she shrivels up and dies into a pile of dust. Ursula Andress starred in a remake in 1965.

But I was grasping for straws.

As with you, I've gone over movie lists for that time period with a number of different search terms. Nada. It's funny because I sort of remember something like what you describe and I was quite a serious little sci-fi nut during that time period, though I would have missed anything prior to 57 as we didn't get a TV until then.
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