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Lifestyle and Entertainment I am not bovvered

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Life is just a bowl of cherries
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Read my posts with the following stupid accent: Pleasant Living
Rules for all my Caucasians who might find themselves at a Black cookout.

1. You gotta bring something. One time, I went to a co-worker named Tom’s barbecue and brought a pasta salad. He looked at me like I had shit in the middle of his living room. At a black cookout (yes, if there’s more than seven black people there, the name automatically changes from “barbecue” to a “cookout”), only the meat and the grill is supplied by the host. Everything else is brought by attendees—and no, this is not “potluck.” Black people don’t do potlucks. Potluck dinners are for Caucasian bible-study meetings where one can bring store-bought dishes. Here, you either show up with a homemade dish, or they’re gonna look at you funny. And please don’t try no new sh#t like potato salad with raisins or vegetarian shish kabobs. If you can’t cook, or you don’t have all the required black seasonings, just bring some cups and napkins. Or LOTS of aluminum foil. I don’t know what the hell black people do with all the aluminum foil at cookouts, but they ALWAYS need more. I have long suspected that black cookouts were ploys by hosts to get free aluminum foil. In any case, you are expected to bring something. 2. It’s a cookOUT. Black people’s cookouts are outside. At the previously mentioned Tom’s barbecue, everyone mingled in his living room. I was nervous as f@ck, because for the first hour, all I could think was, “These motherf@ckers are about to have an intervention on me.” You don’t go into the house unless you have to pee, which means there a few things you should bring: 1. A chair. 2. Bug spray. 3. Another chair (because someone is going to sit in your first chair when you go pee).
The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants, and it provides the further advantage of giving the servants of tyranny a good conscience.
-Albert Camus
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  MindRomp Forum > Culture, the Arts and Humanities > Lifestyle and Entertainment

grill youself, penis penis penis

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